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Mini-guide to Malasaña, Madrid’s hipster hotspot

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Alternative+Travel es una guía online dedicada a los amantes de los viajes originales, en el que todo el mundo está invitado a participar. Ángel, su autor, nos dedica esta pequeña reseña en esu visita al Madrid más auténtico: Malasaña.

Así empieza:

From the centre of La Movida Madrileña to the coolest district in town, Malasaña has experienced lots of changes during the last decades. Today modern cafés and second hand shops live alongside traditional bars and markets where people have been going to for ages.

Located west of Chueca and north of Gran Vía, Malasaña is hailed as the heart of Madrid’s counterculture scene. When Franco’s dictatorship ended in Spain, Malasaña became an area full of freedom, drugs and underground culture. Today, Malasaña is known for it’s young vives as well as for its many hip restaurants and cafés. It’s also one of the most popular nightlife spots in Madrid”

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Thanks so much for including Lamucca in your post related to Malasaña, one of the most interesting districs in Madrid

¡Muchas gracias por la reseña, Angel!